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PropRoots’s Services look to give you the much-needed auxiliary support in marketing your business!

Our Focus

With a team that converges creativity, consistency and commitment, PropRoots can bring about a transformation in the way your organization is perceived in the marketing arena! Be it simple things such as consistency in social media, or out-of-the-world things like creating and conceptualizing ideas that will cover the entire spectrum of marketing, both online and offline, PropRoots strives to bring about a difference in every spot it strikes in!

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Integrated Online Marketing

Spanning all the facets and channels of online marketing, PropRoots is poised to solve any marketing need of yours in the online marketing field! Our marketing efforts are Consistent, Creative, Customer-Centric, And Client-Satisfactory!! We won't just work as an agency, but more as co-creators of your business and marketing-strategies!

Social Media Marketing

We believe in the mantra ‘Empathy over Expertise!’. PropRoots handles your social media with all the care that comes packed in a beautiful wrap of creativity. Our understanding of the social ings such as conceiving an idea for presenting your product, PropRoots has the capacity it takes to conceptualize, design and execute it!!

Our understanding of the latest trends, our depth in converting your target segment into socially segmented demographic profiles, and above all, creating advertisements and contents that appeal to the audience whom it is intended for!!

Name any social media platform, and PropRoots will manage it for you - a non-exhaustive list would comprise of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and any other site you might want to have your presence in!!

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization - as gizmo-ish as the term may sound, we try to break it! PropRoots’s outlook on search engine optimization, is both - of abstract art and advanced science. We incorporate an AB DeVillers kind of approach for SEO - be it in terms of Contents, or be it in terms of Page Codes or be it in terms of links!

With a team of wordsmiths, researchers and experts in the web, our Search Engine strategis are well-crafted, genuine, long-standing and surely not even the slightest of black-hat!

Search Engine Marketing

If Search Engine Optimization is test-cricket, Search Engine Marketing would be the IPL - it’s quick, it’s colorful, and yes, there’s some money involved! ;) As one of the founding members of the organization is from Google, and is also a Google AdWords Certified Professional, you can be assured of a well-optimized AdWords account that will get the best bang for your advertising bucks!

PropRoots will not only set you up a proper advertising account, and manager your performance and ads, but will also plumb to the depths of even suggesting you landing pages - we are not mere agents, but co-creators of your marketing avenues!

Content Development

Content is the king - it’s an age-old epithet that holds true even in today’s world of web and mobiles. From valued-yet-boring contents like whitepapers and case-studies (No offence meant for our B2B prospects), the sandwiches between - the blogs, LinkedIn posts, and Facebook Statuses, and of course, quirky and interesting ones like Tweets or infographics, PropRoots has the teeth it takes to get the perfect bite of the content.

With a team of wordsmiths and idea-generators (commonly known as content-writers and web-analysts), you can expect nothing short of the best when it comes to content… any kind of content!!


A very technically adept and really a genius-of-coding close cousin of PropRoots is CodeRabits! While building cool and responsive websites looks like what they can do, there’s much more to them than on the surface. CodeRabbits brings together a technical team that’s capable of building eCommerce Applications, blogs and a plethora of other services spanning the entire spectrum of the web!

Well… what do we intend to say because of this? It’s simple! PropRoots is not just about creativity - we also have a technical team right by us who can take care of all the technical needs you might have as well!!


This is one of the coolest templates.
It’s so versatile…even if you don’t know a thing about setting up a website, they make it super easy!

K. Dunne
Seattle, WA

About Us

Driven by a passion for perfection and a commitment to doing it right.

Who We Are

We're a bunch of passionate web-aficionados and creative people! We love to make the web a better platform for marketing, exploiting the web, and incorporating innovation in every move we make. We believe that any platform gets better with creative marketing in there!

Our Creative Process


    Define the specific problem you want to solve


    Design the solution that solves the problem


    Improve on it and get it right problem


    Build the solution and make it shine

Our Skills





Anything and everything under the web!

Our Approach

Our Mission

We understand that marketing flies on technology… but creativity and innovation are the pilots in-charge! PropRoots looks to expand into all the facets of marketing, and will also look to incorporate the latest technology into marketing. In the long-run (hoping the run would be shorter), we look to evolve into a wholesome technology and marketing agency that will provide end-to-end solutions in marketing and consulting!!

Our Philosophy

There are replacements for technology; there might be even replacements for creativity….but there’s no replacement for the craziness that humans alone can do! Craziness, with a splash of creativity and a dash of technology will make the perfect marketing recipe!! We at PropRoots strive not to compromise on the craziness, will still being in the limits of sanity! We work hard and make it seem like we hardly work! We think more for a crazy tagline than a verbose blog! We’re different.. in being different!!

Our Commitment to Clients

A very simple and a single commitment to our clients - A heartfelt smile of an unexpected satisfaction! Need we say more!?

The Team

Different by skill-sets! Convergent in passion!!

Arun A Self-Made (or self-proclaimed) Sales-Stalwart!
Jeffy A Strategist and writer who likes to hog on everything!
Aristortle Google has its index! Aristortle has his!!
Sid No, you just can’t wake up to his voice! Designs…maybe!


Our client base is kinda growing like Kamaal R. Khan haters! With about 50 organisations that would vouch for PropRoots’ awesomeness, we look to grow these numbers…and also look to grown in terms of the portfolio of services and the diversity of companies!

Our Projects

Have a look at some of the projects we’ve done for our very happy clients.



See what some of our clients have said
about working with us.


Your business is your passion! Marketing it ours!!

We agree that we did ask our clients for the testimonials! But we swear all what they said was out of their own accord!!

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James Doe :: Company Name

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James Doe :: Company Name

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James Doe :: Company Name

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James Doe :: Company Name

A Few of Our Happy Clients


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